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Even though you may be separating, we can help you to make your own decisions about how best to meet the needs of your children.

If the participants and the Mediator feel that it would be beneficial for the child to be involved in the process then this can be arranged. You will often here it referred to as "Direct Child Consultation", where the Mediator speaks directly with the child. We need both parents and the child's consent for this to happen.


Grandparents are often very important figures in a childs life. When there is a family separation a grandparent can be left with conflicting loyalties and it helps to establish an environment where everyone can speak without fear of criticising each other or absent parties, whilst avoiding the child feeling responsible for the lack of contact. This safe environment can be created with the help of mediation. As a parent it can be difficult to establish a connection with your childs grandparents that is independeant from your ex partner, which is where mediation can help.

Grandparents can apply for an Order for contact, however going to court is a stressful process that can have a detrimental impact on all involved. Children can not always understand why they are not allowed to see their grandparent and can heighten a sense of abandoment. The court process is not only potentially exspensive and lengthy it causes distress and upset to all involved and it can be difficult to retrieve the family relationship after court proceedings. Mediation looks to avoid this, we aim to create an atomosphere of effective communication , even if you believe the relationship has broken down irretrievably mediation is worth a try, to help you gain regular visitation with the grandchildren and to work on the entire family relationship between all.



Mediation is about making positive agreements so that you can move on with your life.

"Our mediator did a tremendous job and acted impartially. You all do a great job"

"My husband and I were at total gridlock. We were able to use the experience of mediation to come to an agreement - wonderful"

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