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The Loss of a Relationship

Grief is an important part of the divorce process, awareness of the stages of grief can help you through the process. When a partner dies there is a set ritual, a funeral and acceptance that grieving is natural, for divorce, grief may not be acknowledged or accepted and there is no set ritual, although, some people may latch on to the court process in place of this. You may both be at very different stages of the grief process; often the one who decides to leave has already experienced many of the feelings associated with grief and loss before leaving the relationship, whereas the other person has still to experience them. There are many losses that occur when a relationship breaks down, the loss of being part of a family, the loss of a partner, the loss of future plans and goals as a couple, the role as a husband, wife or lover, and the status of being part of a couple. Many people have to move from the house they lived in during the relationship and may mourn the loss of their house. The parent who doesn't have residence of the children can also experience the loss of their relationship with their children when they are with the other parent. Feelings of loss are not only experienced by the adults but also by the children.


Mediation is about making positive agreements so that you can move on with your life.

"Our mediator did a tremendous job and acted impartially. You all do a great job"

"My husband and I were at total gridlock. We were able to use the experience of mediation to come to an agreement - wonderful"

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