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Divorce or separation is personal and everyone will experience it differently. You could feel a sense of relief that your relationship has come to an end or feel a failure because you were powerless to stop it. You may have both decided that a divorce is the right way forward, or one of you may feel more certainty about breaking up than the other. If you have decided to leave the relationship, you may have been thinking about it for a long time, building up the courage to leave, resulting in feelings of guilt. If you are the one who has been left, this might all come as a shock and you may feel a sense of rejection or abandonment. If the break up is sudden and without warning feelings could be more intense than if the relationship has broken down over a long period of time. Feelings are likely to be more intense if you have been left than if you are the one who decided to leave.


Mediation is about making positive agreements so that you can move on with your life.

"Our mediator did a tremendous job and acted impartially. You all do a great job"

"My husband and I were at total gridlock. We were able to use the experience of mediation to come to an agreement - wonderful"

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